Life’s A (Motorcycle) Beach


iStock_000007937610XSmallHey, it’s August, so all we want to do is go to the beach. Which got us thinking about the best ways to combine biking and beaches, without getting too much sand in our spokes. Here’s our list of five of the best beachy ways to enjoy the motorcycle life.

1. Get to a beach rally. If you want to go big, make it a rally vacation.Check out the Myrtle Beach Bike Week and Thunder Beach Rally, or the Panama City Beach Rally. Ride in paradise and party with your friends. These great rallies are right on the ocean, so you can wash the road dust off while your bike’s on the boardwalk.

2. Take in a beach race. No, really…apparently in LeTouquet, France, thousands of motorcycles line up on a sandy beach. Even professional racers have a tough time navigating this steep, narrow hill with deep sand. It must be a sight to see – the race attracts 300,000 spectators in early February.

3. Camp on the Beach. Want a little more peace and quiet on your beach? Try this list of motorcycle-friendly campgrounds. Just point yourself towards your favorite beaches (don’t forget inland lakes – we’re partial to the Michigan side of Lake Michigan) and find yourself a little piece of paradise.

4. Take in a show. Vintage bikes and the beach are available at the Dania Beach Vintage Bike Show – just south of Fort Lauderdale. See lots of mint vintage bikes, live music, vendors and more.

5. Picnic in style. Stopping for food may not be the most exciting part of your ride, but you can’t deny a picnic on the beach has its appeal. We’re pretty sure you’re not about to strap a picnic basket on the back of your ride, but why not give this insulated backpack a try?

Ready to chuck it all and finally move to the beach? Get your baby there safely — give HaulBikes motorcycle moving service a call!

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